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Don't require OpenID to register for the site

I don't have an OpenID account, and right now I have to create one for this site.

I know you guys had said that the cost of getting an OpenID can be amortized over more websites, but so far this is the only site I frequent that uses it.

I wouldn't mind having to create an account specifically for this site.

Vote this up if this is the only site you use OpenID for!!

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    broekagebroekage shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    declined  ·  codinghorrorcodinghorror responded  · 

    OpenID is awesome. You are awesome. You and OpenID belong together. :)


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      • npiasecknpiaseck commented  · 

        I fail to see how having to read about x different OpenID providers, y reasons why it's better than a regular sign up form, and having z questions about its security (How do I trust this provider? What happens when they go out of business? Can I close my account? Who regulates and oversees the chain of trust?) left unanswered has saved me any time or left me feeling more secure.

      • mkjonesmkjones commented  · 

        It seems I can post an answer with just a name / email address. But when I go to the login page, that's not an option. This is confusing and inconsistent, and makes me feel dumb ("OK, here's the login page, but I can't find where to create an account, except for the OpenID stuff, which I don't want - I saw it before so it must be somewhere!").

      • bbakermaibbakermai commented  · 

        I originally voted against this simply because I have a Technorati account that I successfully logged into and out of during this test, and the OpenID exchange from stackoverflow failed many times over my first day trying to log in. I finally just created an account here.

      • JasonBuntingJasonBunting commented  · 

        Sorry, but I just read more of the comments and still can't believe so many people are moaning over this - it is no different than signing up for a site-specific account, so why not just do it and get it over with? Help me live people, you sure are a bunch of whiners...

      • JasonBuntingJasonBunting commented  · 

        Creating an OpenID would be as painless for you as creating an account to get into this website and post this feature request. Add that to the effort you would have to put forth to create an account on Stack Overflow, and you would already be done. At that point, your OpenID would save you trouble for numerous other websites that exist now and will in the future. Stop whining and do it.

      • LabsCorporateLabsCorporate commented  · 

        On the sites I have that use OpenID, we use Clickpass and it's fairly painless for users to then use gmail account/etc.

      • pbearnepbearne commented  · 

        janrain the company behind MyOpenId have commercical offering where there host the openId as a SaaS this might be a good why to go. Where if you don't have OpenID you have what looks like a normal site log-in but what you are doing is creating an OpenId at stackOverflow
        A nice option would to be able to create a MyOpenId at the same time
        Contact Tore Steen (Tore@....)

      • vincentbvincentb commented  · 

        What's going to happen if for some reason I need to switch to another OpenID provider. Will my stackoverflow account info still be linked with the old OpenID?

      • jmattjmatt commented  · 

        OpenID appears to be anything but open. If it is so open, then I agree that stackoverflow should just provide an ID for the user. Which would be great - I could have an ID that is strictly related to me professionally. I could maintain my information here, I'd have no problem with that. Since it's providing a service. Otherwise It's quite unprofessional and close minded.

      • cragcrag commented  · 

        That's such bs Eschaton. The "superior solution" is to accommodate everyone. Not push an idea you think is right.

      • WallowizardWallowizard commented  · 

        Jeff, some people do find signing up to every site annoying, yes. Others don't. But most people will have to sign up for a new account EITHER WAY for StackOverflow (if they want to be registered). So by going the OpenID route, you are picking the more complicated of the two options for the majority of your users,which will have an impact on site usage (evidence: how highly rated this request is.)

      • wgoowgoo commented  · 

        It's Jeff's project, so he can do as he pleases, but I think it says something when he refuses to incorporate the third most-requested feature (especially something so trivial). There are a lot of reasons to like OpenID, but there are also a lot of reasons to prefer username/password. Jeff, please give your users the option.

      • gcnovusgcnovus commented  · 

        amen, @codinghorror
        +1 OpenID is awesome
        +1 requiring OpenID
        +1 I am awesome

      • kevindkevind commented  · 

        this should be closed

      • Nat W.Nat W. commented  · 

        I use claimid, which works well, although stackoverflow does not work with my yahoo account :/

      • codinghorrorcodinghorror commented  · 

        "Jeff Atwood is evangalizing OpenID with stackoverflow" to a certain extent, yes, that is true. I am sick and tired of every dinky website on the internet demanding that I enter a unique username/password on their site. And you should be too!

      • EschatonEschaton commented  · 

        I wish I could vote against an idea; being able to log in to Stack Overflow with OpenID has been really handy. The time to have separate account systems for every site has long since passed, and Jeff is absolutely right to make Stack Overflow "opinionated software" and use the superior solution.

      • WallowizardWallowizard commented  · 

        Jeff Atwood is evangalizing OpenID with stackoverflow. He is sacrificing the functionality of the site to push his ideology that everyone should use OpenID. He justifies it by saying that it may be more hassle for one site, but it saves you from signing up to many sites. But this isn't the reality as most sites don't use OpenID. Please just use a regular login system. Thanks.

      • winsmithwinsmith commented  · 

        This is kinda stupid. If you want many users on your website, streamline everything. Right now, the registration process is not streamlined at all. I don't really care if I create an OID account or a local account, but just presenting me with a "Insert OpenID" text field is not enough, nor is the "Get an OpenID"-link. Maybe a wizard would be in order, at the end o which you actually got an OpenID.

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